Discovering Black-Owned Businesses: A Comprehensive Guide

From bookstores to fashion lines, oat milk ice cream to candle makers, there are countless black-owned businesses that are making a difference in the world. But how do you find them? This article provides a comprehensive guide to discovering black-owned businesses, from directories to brands that Good Housekeeping publishers and Good Housekeeping Institute product analysts love. Take Coffee with Books, for example. Founded by Hannah Oliver Depp, the Black and Queer founder of Loyalty Bookstores, this bookstore, café and feminist community space provides a safe and welcoming environment for women, in particular.

It also offers book clubs specifically dedicated to women of color and feminism, helping readers find kindred spirits and deepen their understanding of the world and others. Then there's Semicolon Bookstore and Gallery, owned by black women. It has a non-profit branch dedicated to increasing literacy rates in Chicago by providing free books to Chicago Public School students. And Baby Phat, the streetwear line for women relaunched last year by designer Kimora Lee Simmons and now run alongside her daughters Ming Lee and Aoki Lee.

GOODEE is another example of a black-owned business making a difference. Co-founded by Byron Peart and Dexter Peart, it was created to provide an ethical platform for extremely skilled and underrepresented creators around the world to connect with an equally engaged conscious consumer. It offers items such as furniture, kitchen and dining products, decor and more. Whipped Urban Dessert Lab is another black-owned business that has become something important.

Founded by sisters Courtney Blagrove and Zan B., R., it makes ice cream from oat milk - a popular non-dairy treat - that is plant-based, vegan (and, of course, dairy-free). Customers can order their exclusive soft ice cream from their shop window in downtown Manhattan or their assortment of oat milk ice cream truffles that includes flavors such as chocolate mint cookies, double chocolate cookies and peanut butter cookies. Victor Glemaud is another black-owned business making waves in the fashion industry. He has infused his collections with an inclusive and intergenerational spirit that can be seen in the inspiration of his designs (from Grace Jones and Diana Ross to Stephen Burrows), in the diversity of the models he makes and in the style and art direction of his clothes.

Civil Rights Advocacy Group Color of Change launched Black Business Green Book to support black-owned businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic. It offers ways to search for businesses in many different categories, including household goods, fashion, health and wellness, books and art. There are different filters for purchasing companies in your state or for retailers that are only online. Plus, customers can submit a business easily by filling out a form on the website. Diamond Members receive premium benefits like first look at contracts and mentoring opportunities with leaders of 7-figure black-owned businesses.

One such business is The Bronx Candle Company which makes candles with 100% coconut wax and 100% cotton wicks using phthalate-free aromatic oils. Mayvenn is another black-owned business selling 100% human hair available in clip in extensions, tape extensions, bundles and wigs. It was created to ensure that black-owned salons could purchase hair from a black-owned company but also to provide individual extensions and wigs to interested customers. The companies were compiled from the Facebook page Support Black Business 607 and the New York State database for minority-owned businesses. Shop Black Owned is a free, collaborative, map-based tool that makes it easy to find a black-owned business in your immediate area. In fact, shopping in black-owned stores is one of the most direct ways to make a difference - especially right now. A simple Google search will direct you to black-owned businesses within your community but we've also compiled a list of brands that Good Housekeeping publishers and Good Housekeeping Institute product analysts love that you can buy online right now. This holiday season consider spending on black-owned small businesses rather than large corporations that are already in a position to raise billions.

For people of color who carry thousands of black-owned brands of hair skin and personal care products here we've gathered a selection of black-owned brands that the Oprah Daily team recommends including the categories of beauty food and drink fashion and home décor. These 15 Business Directories Seek to Increase the Visibility of Black-Owned Small Businesses and Help Conscious Consumers Connect with Minority-Owned Brands: According to the latest Census Bureau data there are more than 3 million black-owned businesses in the U. S.EATokra is a black-owned restaurant directory with more than 2 500 restaurants in the United States founded by Aurora James who established the 15 Percent Commitment (which asks major retailers to dedicate 15 percent of their shelf space to black owned businesses).Shopping at black owned stores stores and brands is one of the most direct ways to make a difference especially right now. With this comprehensive guide you can easily discover these amazing businesses from bookstores to fashion lines oat milk ice cream makers candle makers directories brands recommended by Good Housekeeping publishers or even restaurant directories.

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