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Black Creative Group is a black-owned marketing agency founded in an effort to empower small businesses with a full range of marketing and advertising services. They are determined to provide you with a return that is greater than your initial investment. OnlineDrea is a black-owned agency that helps socially inclusive brands to impact and empower more people through strategic digital marketing strategies. It offers a wide range of services, from training stakeholders in the use of social media as a tool to grow businesses to helping brands manage their social media presence and growing their business in the process.

KSW Social Media Management, a boutique social media management company based in Las Vegas, is the product of a true social media lover and online community builder. It is founded by Kalea Sanders-Wright, a phenomenal black woman. It thrives on collaboration, organization and good relationships. He is passionate about helping small businesses achieve their growth goals with marketing solutions that are effective and affordable.

Goldiata Creative is a digital marketing agency in Baltimore, MD. Helping Your Customers Achieve Massive Growth Through Powerful Marketing Strategies. In fact, they are so confident that their methods will produce results, that they guarantee them. You get results or you don't pay.

Founder Kalea Sanders-Wright thrives on collaboration, organization and good relationships. Kalea is passionate about helping companies achieve their growth goals with marketing solutions that are effective and affordable. VCM Strategies, a marketing consultancy based in New York City, helps nonprofits and small businesses win new customers with strong brand strategies and marketing executions. Services include group training, remote consulting, brand strategy, website services, content writing, email marketing, and social media marketing.

Customers include Johns Hopkins, Ziggybaby and Room Theory. McLamb Group Media is a black-owned women-led digital marketing company that has a dedicated team of digital marketing professionals with decades of Internet and SEO experience. McLamb is working hard to dominate and push the boundaries of the digital marketing landscape. This company was created out of customer demand by owner Anita McLamb.

Anita has spent the past five years teaching others, SEO and also marketing consulting to demonstrate that other companies have to achieve powerful results for their online presence and an ROI for their customers. ERaBright Digital Marketing is a black-owned digital marketing agency specializing in lead generation through SEO, content marketing, paid advertising, website design and more. They have a wide range of experience in creating and implementing strategic marketing campaigns developed to generate leads and sales for companies of all kinds. BMAA provides valuable resources including career opportunities, advice and industry insights.

Black Marketers are not just another “work” group, but a community that works to improve its members. Social Driver produced two videos for a non-profit affordable housing organization. They took care of all the audio, video editing, mixing, voice-over and writing scripts. A board game festival hired Complex Creative to develop a site with a reservation system for customer tournaments.

The goal was to develop an attractive and attractive site for new customers. Sensis helped manage a bank merger with branding and public relations strategies that highlight the unique aspects of each legacy institution. His work included print and digital design and social media advertising. Freestyle Creative provided branding services for a software development company.

The team also provided user interface designs for the customer's website. Noble Digital Produced Video Series for Insurance Company. They also created an advertising campaign. Your videos and ads increased ad conversions to customer landing pages.

Citizen Group Offers Branded Services for Organic Fertilizer Manufacturing Company. The goal of the customer is to obtain the support of key stakeholders and identify the problems of the company. With a mission dedicated to seeing its clients grow, it is clear that EraBright is an agency that cares about the well-being of every business that seeks their help. The organization was launched to provide quality and affordable SEO services, a rarity to say the least.

Since the company's founding, each of its experienced team members has followed this mission. In an effort to empower every small business they come across, this team offers a full range of marketing and advertising sales to get the job done right. With a combination of determination and skill, Black Creative Group is on a mission to turn every small investment in the company's skills into substantial long-term benefits. This is a team that focuses on elevating the brands of its customers, as well as on the message it conveys to any target market.

Whether partnering through influencers or providing strategies, every brand that works with Black Girl Digital is more profitable. By Targeting Every Action to an Audience, Black Girl Digital Transforms Marketing Results. After hours and hours of research and training to hone the skills needed to thrive in the marketing business, iPullRank can deliver satisfying results. From strategic planning and content strategy to promotion and measurement, this team ensures that your marketing strategies equal an adequate return on investment.

A team full of energetic creatives, 360i immerses themselves in the culture of each brand and audience so they can find a way to unite the two. They meet with experts, with a deep understanding of consumer behavior and the adaptability that a brand must possess to continue raising its market share. When this team engages with a customer, it shows results that will last for many years. My House of Design specializes in advertising, marketing strategy, web design and corporate photography.

Its services include marketing retainers, branding, website design and development, and social media marketing. Our goal is to improve the marketing industry by highlighting and supporting the careers of black salespeople as employees, freelancers and business owners. Headquartered in Washington, DC, they offer web design, social media marketing and digital strategy solutions for customers ranging from small businesses to large companies in the fields of healthcare and non-profit organizations, among others. As a go-to agency for small business owners, entrepreneurs, personalities and growing brands, The Official Maleeka Group pulls all the strings they need to win you the attention of trusted and earned media.

They have a wide range of experience, knowledge and tools to create and implement strategic marketing campaigns developed to generate leads and sales for their business. AAAZA, which is an acronym for Asian American A to Z agency, is a full-service marketing, advertising and creativity agency. Liberte Tech is a full-service remote agency and its team of experts creates beautiful, easy-to-use digital experiences for your business. It is a boutique agency whose objective is to offer high quality and highly creative designs together with a first-class service from conception to execution.

Nearly half of black-owned businesses suffered pandemic-induced business losses, but there was little or no media coverage of this statistic. Duma Collective, a creative communication agency serving consumer goods brands, event productions, agencies, performing artists, as well as government departments in South Africa and the rest of Africa. They partner with commercial photographers to offer targeted marketing support and consulting services to ensure that their work and brands receive the exposure they deserve. .


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