How to Find and Support Black-Owned Businesses on Google

When it comes to finding and supporting black-owned businesses, Google is making it easier than ever. With the introduction of a new badge, users can now easily identify black-owned companies when searching through Google, com or Google Maps. The badge, which is a black heart on a three-striped orange background, will appear on verified business profiles. This feature is currently available in the U.

S. and will be extended to other countries in the coming months. Google has also noticed an increase in online searches for black-owned businesses, with searches increasing by 600% in the past 12 months. Consumers can search for “black-owned stores near me” or “black-owned restaurants near me” to find local businesses to support.

To help business owners maximize their online presence, Google has trained more than 58,000 black and Latino small business owners through its Grow with Google Digital Coaches program. This program offers free training and coaching to help small businesses reach new customers, thrive online and grow. Business owners can add the black-owned attribute to their profile by visiting Google's Merchant Help Center. This will allow customers to easily identify that the business is black-owned when they find it through Google Search and Maps.

Additionally, Google and the U. Black Chambers (USBC) are providing black business owners with training to maximize their online presence on Google through the use of Google My Business and Google Analytics. Whether you're a business owner looking for resources to improve your digital presence or a consumer looking for ways to find, shop, and support your favorite black-owned businesses, these resources can help you get started.

Tessa Monday
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