Discovering Black-Owned Businesses with Blapp

The Black Nation app is a free, revolutionary tool that helps you find black-owned businesses wherever you are. It was created by S. Laster, who wanted to increase the long-term financial growth and purchasing power of the black community. With the app, users can easily locate and support black entrepreneurs in their area.

The map feature on Blapp allows you to view a list of black-owned businesses near you and filter them by categories such as restaurants, bookstores, hairdressers, therapists, accountants and more. You can also find online businesses that sell products ranging from women's clothing to artwork and home décor. Blapp is committed to helping people understand the importance of supporting black-owned businesses. To this end, they are hosting a sharing marathon next month, encouraging people to share the app with as many people as possible.

This will lead to Blapp Friday, a Black Friday rebrand. In addition to Blapp, there are other great resources for finding black-owned businesses. Official Black Wall Street is one of the largest business directories of black-owned companies, with more than 5,000 listings in 10 countries. The Cookout is an invite-only social media app created by three LBGT+ black women who wanted to create a safe space for their community.

WhereU Came From is another great resource for finding black-owned businesses and professional services. Shop Black Owned is a free, collaborative, map-based tool that makes it easy to find a black-owned business in your immediate area. Color of Change launched the Black Business Green Book to support black-owned businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic. Black Owned Brooklyn features stories of founders and business owners who can be a great resource for other merchants.

The Virginia Black Business Directory works to close the wealth gap and bring capital to black-owned businesses in the DMV region. Founded by a husband and wife team, the app makes it easy to locate and support black food entrepreneurs near you. Blapp is a marketplace app that makes it easy to find and sponsor black-owned businesses in cities across the United States.

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