Unlock the Power of Black-Owned Marketing Agencies in Los Angeles

Amusement Park is an award-winning, full-service advertising and public relations agency that makes brands more effective and indispensable in people's lives. From TV to games, from apps to documentaries, they create first-class creative content across multiple platforms. The Authentique Agency is a full-service marketing consultancy focused on harnessing the power of identity and certified minority and LGBT ownership. They intend to create branded campaigns that genuinely reflect multicultural and LGBTQ life, voices and viewpoints.

Beyond 8 Pushes Creative Boundaries to Run Authentic, Diverse and Interactive In-Person Virtual Experiences in Fashion, Technology, Art, Music and Lifestyle Industries. Their mission is to cultivate meaningful partnerships, develop innovative strategies and execute high-level events, while promoting multicultural awareness and inclusiveness. In b, iD, building customer brands is their top priority. It is a boutique agency whose objective is to offer high quality and highly creative designs together with a first-class service from conception to execution.

Black Creative Group is a black-owned marketing agency founded in an effort to empower small businesses with a full range of marketing and advertising services. They are determined to provide you with a return that is greater than your initial investment. Bliss Consulting Services, INC was founded with a single mission: to offer strategic and creative services to minority companies that result in wonderful experiences. Bliss Consulting Services approaches each customer with new eyes and develops personalized strategies that address challenges while managing customer expectations.

Blue Surge Marketing Agency is a top-notch digital marketing, website design and consulting agency that generates explosive growth and revenue in companies through creative strategy and optimization. Burrell is a full-service marketing and communication agency known for its creativity and strategic approaches. Burrell Communications is based on innovation and is committed to delivering results to its customers year after year; this is perfectly summed up in its mission statement: “to deliver innovative, creative and consistently market-changing ideas”. Creative Theory restores balance by amplifying voices and telling necessary stories that override common narratives.

They are advocates of the boardroom, a voice for what is overlooked, from concept to completion. Creative theory helps brands understand who they are, so they can contribute to conversation, not noise. DuGard Communications (DgC) is an award-winning strategic communications firm specializing in public relations, marketing and business development services for a wide range of brands, businesses and non-profit organizations. DGC has developed a track record of great success in creating personalized strategies for individual clients that articulate key value, improve growth and improve business success.

Duma Collective is a creative communication agency serving consumer goods brands, event productions, agencies, performing artists, as well as government departments in South Africa and the rest of Africa. First and Last PR is a highly recognized, award-winning independent digital media marketing and beauty public relations firm serving leading luxury and consumer companies, mid-size beauty firms and the next generation of innovative beauty and lifestyle brands. It is a brand culture company specializing in the creation of brands and media; they offer marketing services by campaign and focus heavily on media production such as Green Lab Inc. Kin is a new generation of creative companies that use kinship to unleash business and culture as forces of good in our world.

Partner with the most progressive individuals, organizations and brands to innovate initiatives, experiences, services and products that create lasting impact. Kurieo's diverse team has a unique and fresh perspective, infusing ingenuity and passion into each project through thoughtful design; his team crafts your story into a complete narrative that seamlessly blends your online presence with the physical world to create a complete and immersive experience for your audience. M-Squared Public Relations is an independent public relations firm with offices in Atlanta and Charlotte, North Carolina; they specialize in hotels, resorts, tourism, hospitality, food and beverage, real estate, luxury, retail and government industries. Pop N' is a Multicultural Marketing Collective focused on creating digital and social content as well as designing experiences; they create campaigns and content that give people a reason to genuinely care about your brand.

In addition to this, Pop N' listens both socially and culturally; they create strategies to create the right experiences for the right audience. Philly Reps is a marketing and consulting company; they partner with commercial photographers to offer targeted marketing support as well as consulting services to ensure their work receives the exposure it deserves. Saturday Morning creates ideas that raise awareness as well as change perceptions of racial prejudice or injustice; they feel very fortunate to work with leading companies or brands that understand their role as well as power to be a voice for real change. Sumnu Marketing is a family-owned marketing company that focuses on providing permanent marketing communication solutions for small businesses; however over the years they have become the go-to company for “grassroots marketing” or community outreach for corporations or non-profit organizations.

Studio B is a diversity-driven women-owned brand experience agency specializing in producing consumer influencer or retail customer experiences for women by women; it's also the go-to agency for small business owners entrepreneurs personalities or growing brands. The Official Maleeka Group pulls all the strings needed to win you the attention of trusted or earned media; they anticipate excitement or execute their vision of becoming a household name. SAX is a multidisciplinary boutique style marketing media branding or advertising agency; they create solutions combining structured business fluid creativity or cutting edge innovation. The Sayles Group is a unique consulting firm often referred to as the emerging leader in community relations business development or events due to its great success with creative or colorful ideas when designing strategies specifically improving customer bottom line results.

Translation is an agency for creative entrepreneurs actively involved in the culture where they work; their common thread being their commitment to transformative commitments delivering powerful business results for their clients.

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