Finding the Perfect Black-Owned Marketing Agency

Are you looking for a black-owned marketing agency to help you with your next event or project? Look no further! There are many amazing black-owned marketing agencies that can help you reach your goals. From training stakeholders in the use of social media to helping brands manage their presence, these agencies offer a wide range of services that can help you grow your business. OnlineDrea is a black-owned agency that helps socially inclusive brands to impact and empower more people through strategic digital marketing strategies. KSW Social Media Management, a boutique social media management company based in Las Vegas, is the product of a true social media lover and online community builder.

It is founded by Kalea Sanders-Wright, a phenomenal black woman who is passionate about helping small businesses achieve their growth goals with marketing solutions that are effective and affordable. Brazen Marketer is a marketing agency based in New York City that helps nonprofits and small businesses gain new customers with effective branding strategies and marketing executions. It is owned by Venessa Matthew, who has 15 years of experience working with non-profit organizations and small businesses. Amusement Park is an award-winning, full-service advertising and public relations agency that makes brands more effective and indispensable in people's lives.

The Authentique Agency is a full-service marketing consultancy focused on harnessing the power of identity. Certified minority and LGBT ownership, they intend to create branded campaigns that genuinely reflect multicultural and LGBTQ life, voices and viewpoints. Beyond 8 Pushes Creative Boundaries to Run Authentic, Diverse and Interactive In-Person Virtual Experiences in Fashion, Technology, Art, Music and Lifestyle Industries. In b, iD, building customer brands is their top priority. It is a boutique agency whose objective is to offer high quality and highly creative designs together with a first-class service from conception to execution.

Black Creative Group is a black-owned marketing agency founded in an effort to empower small businesses with a full range of marketing and advertising services. Bliss Consulting Services, INC was founded with a single mission, to offer strategic and creative services to minority companies that result in wonderful experiences. Blue Surge Marketing Agency is a top-notch digital marketing, website design and consulting agency that generates explosive growth and revenue in companies through creative strategy and optimization. Burrell Communications is a full-service marketing and communication agency known for its creativity and strategic approaches. Creative Theory restores balance by amplifying voices and telling necessary stories that override common narratives. DuGard Communications (DgC) is an award-winning strategic communications firm specializing in public relations, marketing and business development services for a wide range of brands, businesses and non-profit organizations.

Duma Collective is a creative communication agency serving consumer goods brands, event productions, agencies, performing artists, as well as government departments in South Africa and the rest of Africa. First and Last PR is a highly recognized, award-winning independent digital media marketing and beauty public relations firm serving leading luxury and consumer companies, mid-size beauty firms and the next generation of innovative beauty and lifestyle brands. Kin is a new generation of creative companies that use kinship to unleash business and culture as forces of good in our world. Kurieo's diverse team has a unique and fresh perspective, infusing ingenuity and passion into each project. M-Squared Public Relations is an independent public relations firm with offices in Atlanta and Charlotte, North Carolina specializing in hotels, resorts, tourism, hospitality, food and beverage, real estate, luxury, retail and government industries. Pop N' is a Multicultural Marketing Collective focused on creating digital and social content and designing experiences. Philly Reps is a marketing and consulting company that partners with commercial photographers to offer targeted marketing support and consulting services to ensure that their work and brands receive the exposure they deserve. Saturday Morning creates ideas that raise awareness and change perceptions of racial prejudice and injustice.

Sumnu Marketing is a family-owned marketing company that focuses on providing permanent marketing communication solutions for small businesses.

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